Fellow New Yorkers,

Do you want to help get New York – and our economy – back on track?

If, like many New Yorkers, your answer to that question was “Yes!” then join an important conversation about the “People’s Convention to Reform New York” and learn how this non-partisan grassroots reform effort would benefit taxpayers like you.

This is a convention of real people…people like yourself…and prohibits politicians and special interests from serving as delegates concurrently.  The question of whether New York should convene a People’s Convention will automatically go before voters in 2017.  The “People’s Convention to Reform New York Act,” (Assembly Bill A.1262) would move up the opportunity for this critical reform.

We have the second-highest combined state and local tax burden in the nation.  Our homeowners pay the highest property taxes in America.  Over 700,000 New Yorkers are unemployed.  State government is too big, too costly, and too bureaucratic!

To resolve this, some of the issues that could be considered during a People’s Convention include fiscal reforms like a state spending cap, debt reform, as well as a ban on “backdoor” borrowing and unfunded mandates.  Governmental reforms such as initiative and referendum, establishment of an independent Legislative Redistricting Commission, enactment of term limits for Legislative Leaders and a succession plan for state offices could also be discussed.

If you want to see real change and take back your state government, please sign the online petition and join over 2,500 of your fellow New Yorkers who support a People’s Convention!

A “People’s Convention” would put the power to change government in citizens’ hands and deliver the real change the Empire State needs. Together, we will move another step closer to the less costly, more affordable New York State we deserve!


Brian M. Kolb
Assembly Minority Leader